24-26 April 2017, University of Nottingham.

This is the fourth in a series of meeting on quantum dynamics, and also the inaugural workshop of the newly created “Centre for the Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of Quantum Non-Equilibrium Systems” at the University of Nottingham.

The aim of the Workshop is to discuss current theoretical developments on quantum non-equilibrium dynamics at the interface of statistical mechanics, condensed matter, cold atoms, quantum information, metrology and control.

Invited speakers include: C. Adams (Durham), S. Diehl (Cologne), J. Eisert (Berlin), M. Esposito (Luxembourg),F. Essler (Oxford), C. Flindt (Aalto), J. Gough (Aberystwyth), Z. Hadzibabic (Cambridge), M. Heyl (Dresden), K. Macieszczak (Nottingham), S. Maniscalco (Turku), M. Muller (Swansea), A. Pal (Oxford), Z. Papic (Leeds), A. Rosso (Paris), P. Rouchon (Paris), U. Schneider (Cambridge), S. Weinfurtner (Nottingham), M. Znidaric (Ljubliana)

Organisers: Gerardo Adesso, Juan P. Garrahan, Madalin Guta, Igor Lesanovsky

Financial support: we gratefully acknowledge partial financial support from the EPSRC NetworkPlus “Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium”, and from Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical.

For further details see the conference website.